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Joe Dupree is a loving son, brother, husband and father. He is a native Houstonian that puts forth God, family and work into his daily activities. Joe is past member of the Lathers Local 224 serving as financial secretary and business agent. Joe was an active member of the TLPCA (Texas Lath and Plasters Contractors Association) and has served numerous times on the board of directors and eventually obtaining it’s highest honor as President. Currently retired and part owner and President of Diversified Plastering for the past 40 years. He was a main piece of the puzzle that has completed numerous plastering projects and innovations throughout the Houston and surrounding areas.

Chad was born and raised right here in the heart of Houston. Graduating from Sam Houston State University in 1998 with a Graphic Design and Advertising degree decided to stand next to his father becoming a third generation plastering family. Being an artist himself college has given him the ability to envision plaster as an old world art, assisting clients in decision making pertaining plaster styles. Chad’s office duties along with being the current President of the TLPCA 2017 -2018 include financial duties, employment, safety evaluations, material purchasing and overall job tracking and production. With years of field training and family experience, Chad has the tools and ability to take Diversified Plastering to the next level in the plastering industry.

Cathy moved from Cocoa, Florida to Houston in 1980 to become a permanent Houstonian.  She soon met her husband who at the time was a journeyman lather and a member of Lathers Union Local 224. Cathy comes to Diversified Plastering with over 25 years of combined experience in the insurance and accounting industry. Her impeccable eye for detail make her a valuable asset to our organization.

Marshall was born and raised in Houston, attending Cy-Fair high school until 1997. Marshall started at a young age working summers learning to build scaffold, mix mud and lathing. At age 18 he became an apprentice learning to lath just like his father, over the years Marshall moved up the ranks from apprentice to journeyman lather and foreman. After 17 years in the field Marshall took on the role of estimator in which he still holds today.

Dale Fairbanks, owner and Vice President of Diversified Plastering for the past 40 years. After graduating from Bryan High School in 1967 joined the Lathers local 224 in 1968. Dale was an active member of the TLPCA (Texas Lath and Plasters Contractors Association) and has served on the board of directors 4 times was elected to the most honorary position held by a contractor in 1990 as President. Dale was a key participant in establishing Diversified Plastering in 1977. His dedication to the industry has elevated Diversified Plastering to be one of the most respected plastering companies in Texas.

Following his uncle’s footsteps, Carl’s career began in 1971 as a lather apprentice.  Soon after he graduated from trade school as journeyman lather.  It didn’t take long out in the field before he was promoted to foreman working with some of the best and oldest lathers in the industry.  With all of this experience and field knowledge Carl became the perfect addition to the Diversified Plastering staff where he was appointed as superintendent in 1987. 

James is 100% Houstonian and was born and raised as the oldest of six children. He gained his strong work ethic from his dad early on in his life. James joined the Lathers Union Local 224 in 1972 as an apprentice and three years later became a journeyman lather. He worked in the field for over 25 years and was well respected and seasoned in his craft as a lather.  Diversified soon realized that James would be a perfect addition as an estimator. As they suspected it did not take long and he became a highly valued estimator. James has been with Diversified for over 20 years now and is our senior estimator.


Josh, like some of his co-workers was born and raised in Houston.  Josh graduated from Texas State University in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Business Management.  Prior to college he worked alongside his father at a family owned business in the foam cutting industry which primarily cut foam shapes for the construction industry.  During his tenure at the foam business Josh played a key role in the designing and cutting process.  Diversified is excited to have Josh aboard and on our team.  


Clayton is Joe Dupree's youngest son, and the brother of the current CEO/PM, Chad.  By the time Clayton was born, Diversified Plastering had been in operation for over 15 years.  Growing up in a family business, he frequently went out to job sites with his father.  After graduating from Concordia Lutheran High School, he attended Texas A&M, graduating in 2017.  He moved back to Houston in 2020 and in the summer of 2021, came to work for Diversified Plastering, with the intent of continuing to grow the family legacy.  His eagerness to help Diversified Plastering succeed is driven by respect for the generations of industry professionals that preceded him.

Joe Dupree
Phillip Dupree
Chad Dupree
James Shatara
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