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Custom made Show Car Displays:

  • Design and Auto Cad drawings provided prior to build

  • Custom cut and design from 1 or 2 lb Expanded Polystyrene

  • Custom coated with modified Basecoat and Expanded Fiberglass mesh

  • Custom Tire Props to match your wheels diameter

  • Lightweight, Stackable and Sturdy

  • Any Shape, Any Color, Any Texture

  • LED Lighting available upon request

  • Custom Carpet and binding and stitching available

Exhibit Displays:

  •  Stands

  •  Props

  •  Columns

  •  Marque Signage

Custom Cut Lettering:

  •  Font and Texture by request

  •  Any Shape, Any Color, Any Texture

Please call for a free quote on your next car show needs and shipping information.  Allow plenty of time for construction and delivery prior to your show as each are are different in time frame.  The displays are made to order by hand and take time.

Joe Dupree

Phillip Dupree

Chad Dupree

James Shatara

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